Making globalisation work for all


So we crave freedom. First crave is freedom from our parents. Second crave is freedom from ourselves. Then comes freedom from our kids. And finally its freedom from our minds.

What if we were all driven to working with others to help drive much wider changes and ensure a fairer distribution of the benefits to be gained from globalisation?

In an era of people power, CEOs are prioritising purposeful growth. Isn't this the same thing?

Disruptive companies are illustrating how the business models we inherited are no longer valid in the same way as they were 60 years ago. 

Technology drives evolution of creating change. This is great if you are comfortable with change. It sucks for those who are so 'socialised' they will do anything to limit change. Company's were created to bring people under one roof to 'create'. Technology has afforded us freedom of walking, talking, eating simultaneously. So why are we still trying to build companies in the same template? 

Yup, this will change too. We just need to wait for a few sectors to catch up with this realisation: Legal, Finance and Policy makers, yup those greedy ones who tend to dismiss change as too risky and hence squash innovation.

We will strive, and we will evolve. And with technology we will hopefully start using more of our expertise and manage to affect a change soon.

Business evolves. People change. Brands seemingly move faster than the creative industry which surprised me. 8 years ago I thought the creative agencies would evolve and embrace technology to become really agile. Shame on us, brands are moving faster.

Margaret Thatcher: you do not follow the crowd to do something different. You step aside from the crowd to do something different. As the New Romantics embraced, in the early 80's. She said:
“Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.” 
― Margaret Thatcher