Join us for September's event online at Disruptive.Live to discover the stories behind the disruptive start-ups movement as we present the companies and individuals who have decided to Rip It Up, Start Again

Led by Lulu Laidlaw-Smith these dynamic innovators will take our guests through their experiences in the world of disruption, sharing the stories and insights they have gained.


Luciana Carvalho Se

Co-Founder: Unfold UK

RIUSA Speech: Powering underrepresented voices to build a more diverse, inclusive tomorrow through VR/AR

Luciana Carvalho Se, the founder of Unfold UK, is harnessing her seemingly inexhaustible energy supplies to create a more inclusive world tomorrow utilising the technologies available today.

Putting words into practice she founded the disruptive company, Unfold UK, that aims to network all of the untapped voices, backgrounds and communities through the world of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other immersive technologies. As Unfold UK's mission increases in scope, so to does their potential to disrupt and create dynamic change by empowering those who have been previously overlooked.

shelley taylor.jpeg

Shelley Taylor

Founder: Trellyz

RIUSA Speech: Extreme bootstrapping - the power of passion projects in finding your sweet spot

Shelley Taylor, the founder of Trellyz, has been immersed in the disruptive movement her entire life. A native of Silicon Valley she was the founder of the first UX company there and has remained a prominent voice in the movement ever since. She is a veteran of disrupting the status quo.

Her current disruptive company, Trellyz, is a platform designed to help non-profit organisations and local governments get the right services, resources and people to the right place through the utilisation of location based tools. In essence the app is a conduit between the suppliers and consumers of these resources.


Barry T. Whyte

Founder: Veero

RIUSA Speech: Taking Virtual Reality out of the tech world and into the real world

Barry T. Whyte, the founder of Verro, knows what makes the disruptive world tick and he has a talent for spotting success in this industry.

He currently works freelance, coaching individuals and institutions on how to navigate the disruptive industry and his former company, Decoded, worked to empower professionals with digital skills and a startup mindset. 

Not one to sit on his laurels either Barry founded Verro a company that aims to bring the efficient delivery of VR experiences to individuals with varying experience of the tech. They demonstrate that the technology is for the wider market and not just the niche.


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