Join us for July's event at Cargo Works, South Bank and online at Disruptive.Live to discover the stories behind the disruptive start-ups movement as we present the companies and individuals who have decided to Rip It Up, Start Again

Led by Lulu Laidlaw-Smith these dynamic innovators will take our guests through their experiences in the world of disruption, sharing the stories and insights they have gained.


StJohn Deakins

Founder: CitizenMe

StJohn Deakins, the founder of CitizenMe, has a grand mission for the 21st century digital age: empowerment of the online individual.

CitizenMe is a guide on what can be discovered from your data and how you can make use of or monetise it. This is an organic disruptive process will continue to grow as the empowered modern individual finally has the tools to harness their data online.


Julia Cordray

Founder: Peeple

Julia Cordray, the founder of Peeple, takes daring new ideas to the next level. Introducing disruptive concepts that turn heads and get people talking comes naturally to her. Peeple, a platform that allows the rating of individuals, embodies Andrew Grove's mantra "a fundamental rule in technology says that whatever can be done will be done".

Haydn Jones.jpg

Haydn Jones

Founder: Blockchain Hub

Haydn Jones, the founder of Blockchain Hub, is leading the way in introducing groundbreaking technologies to the consumerist and financial worlds that will dramatically change, or even obliterate, the status quo. Haydn is advising companies on how to use ICOs to leverage economies of scale and raise capital. The payoff is potentially massive. 

Juliet Eccleston.jpg

Juliet Eccleston

Founder: Anygood?

Juliet Eccleston, the founder of AnyGood?, has created a new way to find talent using the power of community. By using this platform, clients have access to a curated and diverse network of experts who personally recommend people for roles. No daily margin, no % fee, no candidate ownership. Just a one-off fee if you find who you’re looking for.

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