Join us for November's event online at Disruptive.Live to discover the stories behind the disruptive start-ups movement as we present the companies and individuals who have decided to Rip It Up, Start Again

Led by Lulu Laidlaw-Smith these dynamic innovators will take our guests through their experiences in the world of disruption, sharing the stories and insights they have gained.


Darren Tenkorang @trim_app

Founder: TrimIt

TRIM-IT is the UK’s 1st app powered mobile barbershop. Founded by Darren Tenkorang in 2016 during his final year studying at the university of Sussex. He has gone on to win various competition for his work within the male grooming industry.



Douglas Orr @daorr

Founder: Novastone Media

Douglas Orr, CEO and Founder of Novastone, has over 20 years of entrepreneurial background including multiple successful exits to companies such as GfK and Sungard. Douglas has founded world-renowned businesses with operations spread over many European countries and created revolutionary new technology in both the retail and financial industries.


Alistair Shepherd @Saberr

Founder: Saberr

An Aerospace Engineer turned entrepreneur, Alistair founded Saberr following his research at Harvard University looking at why relationships were at the heart of many start-up failures.

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