Gaining from connectivity without losing trust

I've talked about trust before, I will continue to talk about trust. It's at the centre of all subconscious decisions. Trust feeds expertise in the same way warmth bakes cakes. Get the right ingredients and the cake will be awesome. Make a mistake, don't trust yourself and the cake will disappoint. It won't kill you or others, it just won't fill you and those who share the cake with fulfilment. 

As our interactions become ever more data-driven and virtual, the human factor is receding. CEOs fear that technology will exacerbate public mistrust in organisations. How are they addressing the challenge? 

I want open borders. I want us to trust in humans creating better technology. I want world peace. 

The EU was formed to create peace throughout Europe. It worked. We have had peace amongst the European countries for years. Not necessarily in politics, but let's not go there. Money grabbing, ego-enhanced politicians can't be sorted by me. I'm just too low in the pecking order. 

Technology wasn't around back at the formation of the EU in the way it is now. So the Busienss model of policies has to change. The UK has opted to try and work this new business model out alone. Who knows, is it easier to fight and win whilst in the club, or to form a new one and then hope the rest of the old team members adopt the new club in support of the new vision? 

We have peace here in Europe, what's the next vision? Eradicate poverty - that would be a good one, surely? Europe shouldn't host poverty. Yet we do. We accept it, it's in England and I reckon it's everywhere.

Technology can help visionaries to boost education beyond our wildest dreams. So let's work together on that for starters. And in order to do this successfully we need to do it together, but someone has to start the ball rolling. Our kids are our future, let's train and empower. 

Their must be a reason for border control, at the time it was evolved, for a reason which was really logical back then. Someone enlighten me, because I'm not asking google the right question to get the right answer.

But like the marriage contract, it's way out of date and needs to be renewed for a reason to sort out a vision for today and the future of our generations we are giving birth to now. Nowadays we marry for love, not for asset growth, which is what the marriage contract was formed for; have you all simply forgotten?

Communities are happening virtually, and location is not the determining factor, so why control who goes where? It's so dark ages.

Seriously, will everyone end up in London, Paris, Geneva, Berlin or Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong if all borders were open? Probably not. I reckon everyone is pretty much where they want to be, but if you were allowed to live wherever you wanted, you may see a shift of, let's guess at 33%, but this will not be 'exit London and arrive in Paris', it will be a combination of leave and arrive all over...the universe has a funny way of creating a balance, let's trust in that, shall we?