Interrupters - London Tech Week - Rip It Up @ Paddington Works

Rip It Up, Start Again have partnered with Paddington Works to bring you disruptor stories from some of the most exciting startups during London Tech Week 2019. Hosted by Lulu Laidlaw-Smith, this includes a series of five-minute overview and backstory from entrepreneurs followed by an interactive Q&A, keynote speakers and interrupters.


Interrupters - Stewart Redpath, Mark Smulian & Dr Daryl Fernandes

Stewart Redpath and Mark Smulian - Lydian Health

Stewart, co-founder of LydianHealth, wanted to create a tool that would give anyone the chance to create amazing music without any kind of musical background. Back in 2012, some American neuroscientists discovered two parts in the context of the human brain that only respond to music, an evolutionary reason for people responding to musical sound. Long before humans operated through words, communication was founded on music and rhythm. Stewart learned how music was being used for people with dementia and began developing a prototype that consists of three banks of sounds, with the buttons all working together to create music. It fits between healing sound and creative sound, a tool that is now being used in care homes. 

Mark is a professional musician of Israeli and British heritage. After co-founding a punk band with a Palestinian, and experiencing the difficulties of meeting up due to the political climate, he realised that when you bring people together who are educated to be enemies, there are a lot of things that need to be worked through before working together is possible. In a very basic sense, their musical systems were different — Palestinians work in a quarter-tone and Israelis work in a diatonic major system, which led to them not even knowing if their music was any good for the first hour they played together. It wasn’t even about the music, he realised. It was about bringing people together. The less talk and more made and created together, the quicker everyone will learn to work together. Find out more about LydianHealth at 

Dr Daryl Fernandes, Avenna

Dr Fernandes works for Avenna, the company shaking up the healthcare model system in the UK. After several years of doing research, they discovered something remarkable — carbohydrates are regulated in the human body. It allowed clinicians to take a drop of blood from patients with inflammatory conditions (the main point of focus for Avenna) and could then tell if they were healthy or diseased. What once cost several thousand pounds to look at one patient, not only costs £250, and can be done in one day. By looking at complex molecular patterns, their tech can figure out what’s happening even before doctors can, predicting flares that would usually cost around £13,000 pounds to treat. They’re currently looking at how this technology can be accelerated to become accessible and affordable, giving everyone an equal opportunity to benefit from it. Find out more at