Acappella - The Beginning of a Platform

8 years ago I questioned how Technology was evolving and what this really meant in relation to the old fashioned business model in the Creative Industry. We had inherited from the global advertising agencies, famous for their enflamed budgets, the crucifing high cost 'pitch', Commercially crushing, soul destroying and about as useful to both parties as a chocolate teapot. 

Why I asked did creative Agencies think that investing in a pitch was a commercially smart thing to do?

Surely we all know - those of us who are in the top 100, that all of our competitors can do equally as good a job as we can? The best job will be achieved by those who have the best chemistry with the partner team, client and agency.

So why don't we just meet up, do a chemistry meeting, shoot the breeze and then let the gut make the choice?

Why not? Well it's simple. The Brand owners no longer trust us, and for good reason. The agencies have for too long made promises they can't keep. They say they can do it, the best 'actors' take centre stage and prance around, and win. The clients select from the cat-walk and then rest on their laurels when it all goes wrong. Their boss can't blame them, they blame the agency - after all they pitched, and hence lowered the risk of failure.

It's bullshit. But it's been working for several decades, but to the detriment of agencies who are so deep in their pitch dance they can't see how fruitless this unrehearsed play really is. How ineffective it really is. Surely a 33% conversion rate is fine, after all it's always been such.

Clients don't respect (or even understand) the cost to agencies. Agencies are resentful to clients for this cost and then try to make it back over their project, so who really cares?

I do. I care very much. I want brand owners to work with those they trust and get the best job they deserve which will come with a transparent relationship, not one that begins with inflated egos and resentments.

Which is why I was so excited about what the future of technology would provide to brand owners in the context of transparency and collaboration.

I believe in the power of humans to utilise their gut's. Read their own chemistry and trust in their subconscious- or certainly with those who are truly talented and hence have more confidence than ego on the sea-saw of life.

Ask yourself the question: where would technology take our relationships? Into a more trusting or distrusting place?

When would the creative & the technology silos merge to the benefit of brands growth?

All of these questions lead me to Acappella. Back then, in 2008 it was before Cloud had launched, and before platforms were coined as a description for an interactive website, many wondered what nonsense I was spouting. Today I am seemingly more sane, but just as passionate to embrace what we have and what we are not doing to enhance our expertise to build stronger and more commercially successful brands.

I beaver away to ensure that Acappella will support us in finding the expertise we need to achieve better relationships between 'creatives', 'technologists', entrepreneurs, brand owners' and 'marketers'.

I am convinced that now is the time for transparency, to build trust and to focus our expertise more thoroughly than ever.