March's Rip It Up Start Again focussed on people taking a radical approach to innovation.

Nicole Yershon - Innovation People
Nicole is a globally recognised innovation expert. Her exciting career has seen her dragging multiple top tier advertising agencies kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Chris Beedie & Damien Stork - CHX
Damien Stork and Dr. Chris Beedie are the two founders of CHX Performance; CHX is an experiential learning consultancy that helps people shift well-being to an integral component of organisational culture.

Roger Jones - CivTech
Roger Jones has been a formidable force in the world of digital marketing. His work with CivTech is allowing the Scottish government to invest in innovation for the first time.




Nicole Yershon
Founder of Innovation People

Chris Beedie and Damien Stork
Head of Science & CEO of CHX

Roger Jones
Actionable Insight/CivTech


Rip It Up, Start Again is hosted by Shoreditch House, 5th Floor.