Rip It Up, Start Again: The Poll

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Time to let us know what you think!

After every show, we update our poll with the latest speakers, giving you the opportunity to voice your thoughts on who so far has the most innovative and disruptive ideas. Which company do you think is leading forward in their market? Who has an idea that you or your business would like to partner with? And the biggest question of all: Who would you invest in?

If you didn’t get to catch our shows live, fear not! You can find info on all our past speakers in the ‘Past Events’ page up top, and links to previous episodes of Rip It Up, Start Again down below. Have a watch and then pick your Top Choice on the poll!


28 March 2019 — Umbrella Analytics,, Smart4Tech


14 February 2019 — Melting IceCubes, Open Blend Method, binumi


17 January 2019 — Briffa, PlanSnap, More than Carrots


10 December 2018 — Cap:Ratio, CreditEnable, Futurice


15 November 2018 — JustWears, Commons Platform, Eola


1 November 2018 — Trimit, Novastone Media, Saberr


20 September 2018 — Vida, Deployed, Commons Platform


6 September 2018 — Unfold UK, Trellyz, Veero


12 July 2018 — CitizenMe, Peeple, Blockchain Hub, Anygood?